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Mesh using data

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I resent added Google Mesh routers to my home wifi. I have satellite Internet so I'm capped for my data usage and it's expensive! The home it's in is not where we live full time. I am able to look at my Internet usage from anywhere through it's app and obviously through the Google home app. Within a week all 400 gigs of data was used with no one being there. The only thing connected is 2 Google cameras (which I also have in my regular home so I know they don't use data like that). It's random, in one day 49 gigs were used with nothing connected, not even the cameras. I've read old threads with other people having the same issue and it being a known problem but haven't seen a fix. I've tried the obvious things, reset,  on/off, of I can't get a solution before my data resets I'm going to just return them and go with a different brand.


Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

First is to not trust what the Google Home app reports of data usage, the ISP reported data usage is likely more reliable.

But as you say, Nest Wifi uses a lot of data for things like the built in speed test. There is no way to turn such features off, and Google doesn't seem to be eager to implement such functionality any time soon.

So if you're paying for data usage, ditching Nest Wifi seems like the best option IMO.

I don't work for Google.