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Nest WiFi Mesh Router won't stay connected

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I suddenly started having issues with the network going down for five or six minutes at a time every twenty minutes. I thought it must be my ISP's modem, so I called them and ran a few little tests. They decided yes, it must be on their end, so they came out. Long story short (too late), it wasn't the modem—it was the Nest WiFi system.  Which is now 5 months out of warranty. And now I have to pay a callout fee to my ISP. Not at all pleased—didn't even last 18 months before these issues started, and I'm out $300.  

Any ideas on what might be my issue with the mesh router? Any updates or anything I can try? Because now I am paying my ISP to use their router on top of the callout fee. Deeply annoyed.




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Well, I figured all of it out, thanks to Google. It was my ISP, not my Mesh Router. GRRRRRR. Anyway, disregard. 😂

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey, oboogie.

Thanks for the follow up and letting us know what the issue was. It always helps other users to know what worked and and if they're searching for the same issue, they'll find your experience. Since we have our answer here, I'll go ahead and close up the thread. If you have any other needs, feel free to open a new discussion.