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Nest WiFi Pro Number of Devices status - not showing full count of devices

Community Member

I installed a 3 Pack of the Nest WiFi Pro yesterday.  In addition to having slowness in the connect in compared to the Nest Wifi system (3 routers using wired backhaul), the number of devices is not updating properly.  I have about 105 devices on my network of which most are cameras, speakers, hubs, android TV, doorbell, light switches, etc..   In the app, it typically shows about 45 and then sometimes it will update, after a period of time, to the full count.   On the Nest Wifi (older system), the count of devices was immediate.  Further, my max count of devices is always 99.  Does the app show 100+ devices?


Community Member

I'm unsure if there was a backend system update or not, but the app is now showing over 100 devices and is not capped at 99 any longer and seems to be showing an accurate account with less latency now.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey krroller, 

Awesome — glad to hear that your issue is fixed. It looks like we can consider this one complete, so I will lock the thread shortly unless I can help out with anything else.