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Nest Wifi just installed - great speed for the router, but connected devices much slower - why?

Community Member

In order to take advantage of the speed my XFi modem has, I upgraded from Google Wifi to Nest Wifi.  I have a Nest Wifi router and two Points.  Setup was successful and I am connected to the internet.

I ran a speed test within the Google Home app to test what speeds the Nest Wifi router is getting from the modem.  Those tests were all great, >800 Mbps.  But all our connected devices are getting MUCH slower speeds.  We tried speed tests on a brand new Macbook Air, and two new iPhones.  We're getting largely <300 Mbps on those tests, which are the same speeds we were getting with the old Google Wifi system.

Why aren't my devices experiencing the enhanced speed of the Nest Wifi system?


Community Member

Solved this issue: The modem is wifi 6, but the Nest Wifi is wifi 5.  I would need the Nest Pro to make this work right.