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Nest router wont reconnect after service interruption

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Hello world, I have a REALLY bothersome issue I'm dealing with. I have had my nest router for a year or two with only a few glitches until two days ago. My Cox internet service was interrupted for 5 or so hours due to something on there end, then when service was reconnected my router has not been able to see any service therefore not reconnecting to my modem n service. I have unplugged and replaced the modem a d router about 15 times with zero luck. I chatted with cox and they are saying my service is back up and running fine yet my router will not see service even though there's a **bleep** cord connecting the two. I have scanned QR code numerous times, my phone finds the router, and all is good up to that point until the router tries to connect to the service. Then I get a "connection issue" or some **bleep** message from my Google home app. This is super frustrating due to my kids starting school this week and us not having any TV capabilities because we stream everything. Oh I also deleted my entire home of the Google app to try and restart from scratch yet still nothing. Please save me from myself before I hang myself with the cord that connects this stupid router to my modem. Thank you so much in advance for any help




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Platinum Product Expert

Based on history in this community forum, it seems that Nest Wifi has problems with reconnecting when the ISP internet connection go down for some time and/or the public/WAN IP provided by the ISP changes.

What I' m about to suggest is not an acceptable solution, I agree, but have your tried to factory reset all Nest Wifi units using the physical button, delete the network from the Google Home home, then set up the network from scratch? That's usually the only solution I'm afraid.

Before you try to set up Nest Wifi again, I recommend you make sure the ISP equipment is in bridge/bypass mode to avoid double NAT. More on why double NAT is bad:
Guidance from your ISP, I don't know what modem you got though:

I don't work for Google.

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Community Specialist

Hey everyone,

Your help here is greatly appreciated, @olavrb.

@FrankBones24, I'm checking in to see if you've tried the steps on the link provided above. I'd be glad to hear from you, so please tell me if you are still having issues.