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New Nest Router w/2 APs - Slow WiFi

Community Member

I replaced my Linksys mesh router & APs with the Nest Wifi router & 2 APs. I have the nest router connected to a Xfinity WiFi modem (white). The Xfinity WiFi modem has the WiFi disabled. The nest router is up stairs and connected to a nest router (in AP mode) that is downstairs by a cat6 cable. The second AP is also downstairs and connects wirelessly to the nest router (in AP mode).

All speed tests via or ookla connected via WiFi are always less than 100Mbs. If I test the speed at the nest router with the Home app, it shows 800-900 Mbs (I have 1Gb service from Xfinity).

I've worked in IT as a Systems Analyst for over 20yrs and have setup 100's of WiFi networks but this one has got me wondering whether it's a hardware or a software (firmware) issue. I've had to jump through a few hoops on previous WiFi setups but not to this extent. I've double checked all of the simple suggestions that is recommended by Google with no effect. Am I missing something or did I buy defective nest devices?