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Remove inactive devices

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Starting a new thread to ask that the ability to remove old devices be added. No they do not fall off (some of mine have been there for over a year). From searching this has been asked for for years, and every thread has someone saying they'll pass it on to the team, but here we are still with no solution. Do you even care about your consumers GOOGLE!!!


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this.. every single home automation tool outside of Google provides a way to do this.. why in god's name does Google not allow the removal of old devices that are either no longer working, maybe reset inproperly, etc etc..?  This makes absolutely no sense and it causes the UI to look wonky with disconnected ghost devices being shown when they are no longer in service or being used.



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I agree, this has been frustrating. The update to the google home app is also extremely confusing. The google nest mesh router points are called “devices” but so are all the items connected to the wifi (or connected at some point in the past). I think that also leads to confusion in these threads when people are requesting items to be deleted. Nothing ever falls off the wifi list. If I have a guest over and they connect their phone or laptop to our wifi, that “device” never goes away. 

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello everyone,

Thanks for bringing this up. Devices no longer connected to your Wi-Fi network will be automatically removed after 60 days or if you factory reset your network. We understand that you'd like to have the option to manually remove previously connected devices and we'll take your words as feedback. If you have other feature requests, you may also pass them along to our product team using the Google Home app. Visit this link for more information.

Let us know if you have additional questions or concerns; otherwise, we'll close the thread after 24 hours.


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Please look into the fact that wifi devices do NOT fall off after 60 days. I keep seeing that response on this forum and it is simply not true. I have old cell phone devices, that I do not have any longer, that still show up. It has been over 2 years since I replaced my last phone. Also, please consider using different terminology for “devices” in the Google home app. Google uses both to refer  to the wi-fi linked devices as well as mesh points and smart devices. Very clunky and not intuitive. 

This patently false and an outright fabrication. Don’t gaslight us. Don’t. Either confirm what we are seeing and say “sorry, this is how it is right now..” or tell us Google is aware and I have no update as of this time. But don’t gaslight us. This is NOT what happens and you know this.