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Repurposing nest router to point

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I was using a nest router (and a point) in conjunction with a modem for my cable wifi.   We switched to fiber and the service provider furnished a specific Eero router.   

I would now like to use the nest router as a point in our network with the Eero router.  I have tried the procedure for repurposing a nest router as a point  into a network with another nest as router but it has not worked.

Is there a way to accomplish my objective?


Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

You can put the Nest Wifi router in bridge mode, then it will act as a simple access point:

This requires the Nest Wifi puck to be wired by ethernet, it will not act as a wireless mesh point with non-Nest Wifi systems.

Each Google Home home can only manage one bridged Nest Wifi puck, not multiple. So if you have multiple Nest Wifi pucks you want to use like this, you'll have to create one Google Home home per puck.

I don't work for Google.

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