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[ Status Update? ] Google Home App Reporting Google Incorrect Data Useage

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@Jeff  @olavrb :

You indicated to follow progress on the know issue related to inaccurate data usage here:


I have not seen recent updates and that thread appears to be closed. I’m having this issue too where Google Wi-Fi reports 3x data usage as my ISP, and upwards of 750 GB on my iPhone in one day in a day I was only home a few minutes.

Is there an update on this issue?

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Platinum Product Expert

I don't work for Google and have no insight into that.

I don't work for Google.

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@Jeff ?

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Would love a fix for this, I can't tell what is using all of my data... 

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This has been an ongoing issue for 6+ months and it seems like Google has no interest in solving the problem. The data tracking capabilities were a big factor in me choosing Google wifi for my mesh network and I've been really disappointed that this feature is completely unusable. 

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Either I'm having the same issue or my phone's security has been compramised. I'd like to know which scenario is actually happening. Any updates on this issue?