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Nest Yale Lock - Not accepting certain passcodes & Nest Connect continues to fail

Community Member

Our Nest Yale lock has continued to cause us problems; especially since the Google integration. Here the two things that are going on: (1) Most recently, the batteries went dead with no warning. That is fine; I replaced them - BUT now when family members attempt to enter their code; the lock now tells them that their "Code doesn't work right now".  It still takes my main code; and our emergency code - other codes are not working and get that previous error message?!

(2) Next Connect is constantly going off line. The Tech specialist was over at one time, and suggested a new router....we did that, but it still goes off line. I do not believe that this is root cause of problem #1 above; because it was already off line before that scenario occurred, and all the other codes work?! We have also replaced the Connect once already.