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Cannot finish commissioning Matter cluster

Community Member


I try commissioning the Matter cluster as below examples via Google Home App.

However, Google Home App did not finish commissioning normally, I got an error.

Apple Home could finish commissioning normally and control clusters.

So, I judge that there is no problem with the Matter clusters.



Detailed information

PSoC6 outputs log "CHIP:IN: Clearing BLE pending packets.", then Google Home App shows error.

I guess Matter cluster cannot join the Fabric network after Matter cluster's BLE stopped.

Error prevalence is always.


CHIP:ZCL: OpCreds: Received a CSRRequest command
CHIP:ZCL: OpCreds: Finding fabric with fabricIndex 0x0
CHIP:ZCL: OpCreds: AllocatePendingOperationalKey succeeded
CHIP:ZCL: OpCreds: CSRRequest successful.
CHIP:DMG: Command handler moving to [ Preparing]
CHIP:DMG: Command handler moving to [AddingComm]
CHIP:DMG: Command handler moving to [AddedComma]
CHIP:DMG: Decreasing reference count for CommandHandler, remaining 0
CHIP:EM: <<< [E:38281r M:125736369] (S) Msg TX to 0:FFFFFFFB00000000 [0000] --- Type 0001:09 (IM:InvokeCommandResponse)
CHIP:IN: (S) Sending msg 125736369 on secure session with LSID: 56194
CHIP:DMG: Command handler moving to [CommandSen]
CHIP:DMG: Command handler moving to [AwaitingDe]
CHIP:DL: Long dispatch time: 1120 ms, for event type 7
CHIP:DL: BLE GATT connection closed (con 32768, reason 19)
CHIP:IN: Clearing BLE pending packets.




Phone : Pixel 7 Pro

Google Home App :

Google Nest Hub Gen2

 Firmware : 324896

 Cast Firmware : 1.56.324896