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Add Speakers to new Nest Wifi

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I recently installed Google Nest wifi at home to improve my wifi experience and reliability. I previously has Google speakers connected to my wifi, one Google Home and 2 x Google Mini (1st Gen). I could not find anyway to 'migrate' them so did a factory reset and attempted to use the Googl Home App to add these devices on the new wifi. Factory reset worked, started Google Home App and it invited me to setup the Google Home mini speaker. Chose to setup and I got the message "Connecting to Google Home mini" message but after many minutes of waiting, I now get the message "We're unable to communicate with your Google Home Mini", which seems weird when it 'discovered' it to invite me to set it up. I done a few factory resets and tried other suggestions by Google help but I'm now very frustrated and don't know what to do. I'm hoping someone has some ideas and can help me.


The issue has been resolved by creating a separate account and using that to add the speakers. Thanks to everyone for their assistance.

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Gold Product Expert

This may sound funny but, did you change the name of your old Wifi when you installed the Google Nest? would suggest you try that, use a new Wifi network name and see if that works for you.  

Thanks for the question/suggestion. Yes, I did change the Network name.

Further to my post, I noticed a suggestion on the help topics to use a different smartphone or tablet with the Google Home app. So after factory resetting all the google speakers, I tried that. And it worked. I would have liked to keep it all on my smartphone, in one place, but this is a viable solution. I can only think that for some reason, the Home app 'remembers' the speakers and is just not letting me connect them 'again'. If there is a way for me to have these back in one place on my main smartphone using the Google Home App, I'm still open to that as the 'proper' solution.

Since they are now all set up on the other device, try force closing and  clearing the cache on the Google home app on your phone, reboot the phone, and see if everything populates properly

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I have the Nest wifi router and one wfi point setup on my main smartphone, with my smart TVs. Then I have the 3 speakers setup on the alternative phone. I know how to Forse Stop the Home app but I can't see where to clear the 'cache'. I have a Samsung smartphone, if that helps. Yes, it would be more convenient to it all setup on one smartphone, but it's acceptable. However, solving this might be helpful to others who face the same problem.

Are both devices using the same Google login?  If they are they should be in communication with each other and update.. 

As for clearing the cache , you would go through system, apps, select Google home and it should have an option to clear cache, all depending on OS version of course.  

No, each uses a different Google account. I did that purposefully so using the Home app was unique to each login. Regarding the cache, I cannot find where to clear the Home app cache. Short of uninstalling the app, which may not clear the cache anyway, I am stumped. I'm content with my setup at the moment although I know that having separate items setup on different phones means I can't use certain features such a speaker group, but that's okay.

Why not add the Google accounts to the same family, then merge the homes into one ? 

Whoa!! That's taking my limited knowledge a bit far, I'll need to research how to do that and what it means.

I appreciate all your input, very helpful. I'll look into this latest information.

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Hi All,


First, thank you Ashepherdson for your help on this thread!


Hello Irish5681, thank you for reaching out. Just checking in, has this issue been resolved? Please keep us updated, we're here to help!

The issue has been resolved by creating a separate account and using that to add the speakers. Thanks to everyone for their assistance.