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Anyone can connect

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Anyone can play music from Spotify to my Google home despite them not having the Google home app AND I have the setting turned off for this in the Google home app


I am also unable to keep night mode turned on, as soon as I turn night mode on, then exit settings, it turns night mode off. Any fix would be much appreciated




@Gecko769 I don't use night mode so no help from me on that front; but I would like to know what exactly you mean when you say "[a]nyone can play music from Spotify to my Google home."

As background, it has been a longstanding operation that the default music chosen and set up by the owner of the device is available to any and everyone who speaks to the device and requests music. That's not an error and it works as designed; it's very similar to anyone being able to walk up to the device to play news or ask for weather or trivia.

Music and TV are not cordoned off, per se, but if you use voice match, others sharing your device shouldn't be able to access your personal library, in YouTube Music and before that Google Play Music, that was considered to be uploaded music. I don't use Spotify, so not sure how that works for personal libraries on that service. 

So there is no way to disable people connecting to it that aren't me?

No there's isn't. Your only option is to go out and buy a travel router and connect your device and phone to that, so they aren't sharing the same network.

If you live with others, you can't keep them from speaking to a Nest device. I mean I could suggest putting it on mute, but that's a pretty useless suggestion because you'll forget or have to remember to turn mute off/on.  But they can still cast to it. Muting sorta defeats the purpose of a digital assistant and spontaneity.