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Black Line Down Left Side of Nest Hub Display

Community Member

I have a thick black stripe down the left side of my Nest Display.  I've looked up and followed all of the previous mentions of this issue, including powering off and on, and a full factory reset.


The stripe blocks some of the data, but I'll give you what I can read:

Chisa Version 20230306.3.135

Software Version 94.21.547883872

Chromecast firmware version 9.362882

Thanks in advance!


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi ChuckTipton,


Thanks for bringing this up.


We're sorry to hear that you're experiencing this with your Google Nest display. I also appreciate your effort in trying some steps before reaching out. We'd love to know about this, could you please provide the photo or a short video clip showing the exact display you're getting on your Google Nest display? We'd like to check on it further.


Looking forward to your response.