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Broadcast not using my voice

Community Member

I have 6 nest mini speakers and 1 Nest hub display.

When anyone from our home broadcasts it uses the Google assistant voice when prior to a few days ago it used a recording of what we had said 

My speakers are on firmware 375114 and the display on 12.2023061.1.67

I have checked and my setting to allow audio records is on. I have retrained my voice match.

Nothing seems to work. The assistants voice is always used and sometimes she doesn't even get the correct words I am saying. 


Community Member

Same here, very irritating and frustrating, especially as we don't seem to have an option to choose what we want. Permanent beta-testers, that's what we are for Google.




That's started happening to many customers recently, including us.  It seems Google Nest either updated their software or firmware, or changed something on the Google Nest servers.  Here is one of several threads:

You mean that Google updated things AGAIN with no notice to its users.