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Can I cast YouTube video on my 3 nest hub devices?

Community Member

Is it possible to cast YouTube video on my 3 nest hub devices? I tried it but only sound came out but no video, any way to have video playing in the same time on my 3 nest hub devices?


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi folks, 


Thanks for posting in the Community. 


With YouTube included on your Google Nest display, you can watch YouTube Originals, how-to videos, and much more, seamlessly on your screen. To control YouTube, you can use voice commands like "Play [name of video]" or "Pause," or use the touchscreen display to do the same.


I understand your intentions that you want to play the same video on multiple devices, however, it's not possible. Only music can be played at the same time on multiple Google Nest displays. To know more about it, you can check this article.


Hope this answers your question.