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Connecting and Controlling NestAudio Speakers from outside of Home Network

Community Member

I need to understand whether how can I connect and control NestAudio Speakers from outside the same network.

I am able to do the same with my Nest Mini and I have absolutely no idea on how. For instance while being in village(which is approx 300 kms away from my home) I can still control my nest mini (viz play and pause/stop music, control volume and broadcast message too) but same thing when I try with nest audio it shows no connection and asks to be under same network for Nest Audio to work...

Just like Nest Mini I want to connect and control my Nest Audio Speakers too from outside of the home network or without being connected on same network.

Thank You.


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi BMistry85,


Thanks for posting.


Just so we’re on the same page, are you able to control your Nest Mini using your Google Home app even when not on the same Wi-Fi network? I know broadcast should work, but controlling media is not applicable, especially when not connected to the same network.


Have you already set up your Nest Audio? For that to work, it must be linked to the same Wi-Fi network as your phone. Here’s a helpful guide about the setup process:


Looking forward to your response.




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Hey Dan_A

It always feels great to get your query answered and understanding solution..

I confirm that apart from broadcasting .... I can do a lot more on Nest Mini even when not under same network (such as play music from linked app, start/stop/pause) and control the volume and everything that I could be able to do being on network. The thing is that Nest Mini connects to my HOME app even while my phone is disconnected from my wifi.

But same cannot be done with my Nest Audio Pair, as soon as I switch off wifi on my phone the connection to nest audio pair breaks in HOME App.

And I am trying to understand, why is such the case?