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Degradation of service - Speaker Groups and Volume Control

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Google has degraded the Google Home service for their users by removing key features such as the volume control for speaker groups and removing the ability to change the volume for a single speaker using a timed routine or a routine that is not running on the device (Chromecast audio). There are NO workarounds for this degradation despite your claims and the whole episode is a PR disaster. So what is the future of Google Home?

1) When will google reinstate the service that users paid for?

2) Will Google ensure that the service is re-instated fully for all users and all devices and will Google ensure that users will not be forced to upgrade at their own expense? 

3) If Google does not reinstate the service fully will Google reimburse users who bought devices in good faith because of the services Google advertised at time of purchase?

I am fully aware that the degradation is due to the legal action of Sonos but this is not your customers concern. You have customers that need to be respected and communicated with otherwise they will surely walk (and not to Sonos)

Look forward to your reassuring reply



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They wont. I suggest you do what I did and get rid of them for a company that supports products long term. I went with Apple and have been very pleased with the quality of their mini pods.  As a added bonus they don't sell my information to everyone else like google/amazon does.  

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It's more than the disabled functionality of group volume control.  The overnight "update" prevents mirroring your device to cast audio to speaker groups. My Chromecast array of 15 stations and 30 speakers is now worthless, the devices being relegated to bricks. I'm back to using Bluetooth on a single portable speaker! When will you supply a solution, Google? I'm counting the days, or will there be a refund soon?

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Interesting articles and it is good to know xda are on the case. I don't think it will help Google home devices operated directly or via routines though (happy to be corrected)

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Community Specialist

Hey folks,
It looks like we haven't heard back from the OP so I'm going to go ahead and lock the thread. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to create a new thread.

Have a great day,
Garrett DS

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Its not just Google speakers the Chromecast update may cripple 3rd party devices. This had to be foreseen there should have been preparation. Maybe a slider like a forward slash or does Sonos have the rights to the concept of adjust all speakers in a group at the same time.  How about using rooms or sections or  home floors or upstairs  / downstairs or johns speakers, some other alternate other that groups. How about just buy Sonos.

Over the last year I cannot remember when i had a few days straight without some quirk in Google home can anyone else say they have been problem free - anyone with more that 3 or 4 speakers. Some of my issues were working fine then stopped in some cases like saying good morning turning on lights telling me traffic, my schedule, when it came to the news nothing it stopped it was 2 months later before it started to work again. I am not messing with the settings right before its stops or begins working again it just does. Anyone have issues like this?