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Does Google have an online cache that can be cleared?

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I can clear cache on the phone app, but is there something online that can be cleared regarding my Google Home.

I'm asking because some of the issues regarding volume commands (several posts in here regarding that one), have been somewhat fixed with renaming my speakers. 

In the kaos of troubleshooting this, I now have tried som many different names, that I wonder if it's all messed up.

Can't call Office speaker, but rename to O1's starting to bleed out my ears.


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I've been through the exact same renaming speakers scenario and I'm wonder the exact same thing.

I'll let you know if I figure it out


Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

Hey @henriklundtofte and @ZOR read the entire post first please:

There isn't an online cache for your clearing per se, but you could wipe the application data for the Home app if using an Android device; I'm not sure what the equivalent might be for iDevices.

Keep in mind doing so will wipe everything on the servers/cloud associated with every one of your Nest/Home devices and account and you WILL start from scratch as if none of it ever existed. While you're at it you may as well factory reset all your devices, which may have the same effect but not sure (in fact maybe try that first before the nuclear option).

Hope this helps, but it won't be fun if you have tons of devices.

Hey Gotham.

Thx for the reply. I went all in on the nuke. And after everything was deleted and reset, all my custom routines show up again. Still some restrictions naming my devices (if I want to be able to use them in routines).

What I did:

  • Removed all devices in the Google Home app (i'm on android)
  • Unlinked my Philips Hue and Yamaha Musiccast
  • Went online and checked my devices were logged out
  • Deleted the home inside the app
  • Went back in settings on my phone and forced stop for Home and Assistant app, and deleted all data (not possible to clear data for Assistant thou)
  • Uninstalled the Home app (just to be sure) and restarted my phone.
  • Installed Home app and added alle my devices again (3 Nest audio,1 Chromecast, Philips TV with built-in chromecast and 1 Lenovo smart clock)

Tried deleting all custom routines and made a simple new one to adjust just 1 speaker (Volume 3 Office).

And the annoying repeating message from GA...Sorry blah blah...

Renamed from Office to S1, and the volume adjust routine works. 

It makes me wonder if I ever will be the true master of my own Google Home. 

Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

Dude, no one ever masters Google Home, we simply coexist with it and pay for the electricity it uses. The more we learn the more there is to learn as it continues to evolve. 😂  Yeah, Assistant is locked down, it's the Genie in a Bottle that if rubbed the wrong way can give you unintended results, it can also have selective hearing.

Interesting to know that routines are not wiped and did return; it appears, similar to music, that maybe routines are tied to your email and stored with your account. Hmm, on second thought I didn't suggest clearing cache for Google Play Services, maybe that's where they get stored. For lack of better explanation services, behave like the lines in a parking lot for a lot of this stuff, maybe that's the source that keeps routines alive, I don't know, but it helps lighten the load of the OS. Do not ever go nuclear on Google Play Services. You will be up a creek without a paddle.

This comment made my day 😂

Merry Christmas

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Platinum Product Expert

Belated Merry Christmas to you and Happy New Year! Glad the nuke option suggestion worked and got your routines back. 

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