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Doorbell video doesn't display on hub display

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Displays immediately when I ask to show doorbell video. Clocks when someone rings the doorbell.  My network is just fine.  Used to work, not anymore.  Might be time to switch to Ring because google ignores user reported issues.




Do you have "Visitor announcements" turned on for your doorbell? AND, if you have a Nest Hello doorbell, do you have "Voice notifications" turned on in the Google Home app for your doorbell? (Maybe that's also true of the 2nd generation doorbells as well; I don't know; the "Voice notifications" option is not documented.)

Yea Google nest hello. Voice notifications on.   No Visitor announcements from what I can see.  Used to work.  Not anymore.


This just came up in another thread. To get your doorbell's video on your Nest Hub when the Nest Hello is pressed you need BOTH:

1) "Visitor announcements" turned ON in the doorbell's settings in the Google Nest app.

2) "Voice notifications" turned ON in the doorbell's settings in the Google Home app.

I didn't even know about the second setting, and there's no documentation for it, but ours is turned on, and another customer had theirs turned off and weren't getting video:


Both are set to on and have been all along

Community Member

Go into the GOOGLE HOME app and selec the doorbell camera. Then select the GEAR in the upper right corner. In the list that comes up select DOORBELL. Then make sure "VISITOR ANNOUNCEMENTS" is turned on.

I found the setting and it's on.  The hub tries to connect to the camera but throws some kind of message.  So it's not like it not aware someone pushed the doorbell.


You could try rebooting your Nest Hub, either from within the Google Home app or by unplugging it briefly. If that does not resolve it, you could try removing your Nest Hub from the Google Home app, doing a factory reset (, and then re-installing your Nest Hub.

You could also try rebooting your doorbell by briefly turning off the circuit it is on.

What error message is thrown?