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Good morning routine

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I have 2 routines set up in the Google Home app. The 'bedtime' routine is working fine, it starts with a voice command. The 'goodmorning' routine doesn't work that well. I have set it up to start when turning off my alarm on the Nest. Most of the times the routine won't start (turn on lights, traffic information, wheater). Some mornings it does work. I tried to re-setup the routine, without success. 

I can start the routine with my voice, but that is nog what I want.


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Same thing happening to me. I notice on the days it doesnt work, at the time (my routine starts at a set time, not with alarm) when it should be doing the routine, the sleep sensing thing is on the screen asking if I wanna see the details of my sleep. Saw another thread that turning off sleep sensing makes the morning routine go off... But I like the sleep sensing, so that's not a real, long-term solution. 

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Community Specialist

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