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Update regarding recent changes to speaker groups for Nest speakers, displays, a... Read more

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Foxtel App

Hi, When I open the Foxtel App on the Google Nest Hub Max the app plays in 16:10 aspect ratio filling the entire screen, which makes everything 'stretched'If I cast from my IPhone to the hub I get the same results, the same stretched screenHow can i ...

Casting to speaker groups fails

I have four Google mini's, Gen1 & 2, and one Google home speaker Gen1 (the taller, tapered model). I had three speaker groups set up, (Inside group, outside group and Home group) that worked fine. My backyard mini speaker was replaced after winter we...

Mlitt by Community Member
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can't play spotify podcasts on google home

It's so weird, I can cast music from Spotify to my google speaker, but it won't let me play podcasts.If I am not casting to my speaker, it plays just fine on my phone. But if I am cast to the speaker, I hit play on a podcast and it does nothing.If I ...

Resolved! Google Hub Restricted Mode

When I ask my hub to play music on YouTube it keeps restricting it. I go into digital and well-being to turn off the restrictions but it then resets itself every time I turn the hub off at the there a way to keep this setting permanent?

PaulaH by Community Member
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"Feed my Fish!" doesn't work.

Google nest has very few games, and one that my daughter still thought was funny was the application "Feed My Fish!" but since the end of May 2022, the game stopped working, giving only an error message that it is not possible to start the game and t...

MarcoLobo by Community Member
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Google Nest Re-install/Setup

I have had my Google Nest for a long time but recently updated my router and in the process lost my Chromecast connection to my TV (this is another story that involves BT TV - it is NOT the current issue) and it has been faultless, until now! I tried...

Google home not able to play on connected display

I added a new display 86UP8770 (LG) and it is setup and I can turn on/off via voice but not use other voice commands. All links are made that are available to me so there is a suspected bug here. Same problem using either of my two mini speakers or m...

ShockLoad by Community Member
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