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Lenovo Essentials Smart clock - Radio alarms no longer working.

Community Member

Since April 2022, Music Radio alarms stopped working when the alarm is set via voice command. If an alarm is set for that day it works, however if a repetitive alarm is set, the following day google will only play a tone and not the radio station specified.

If the Music Radio alarm is set via the google home app, it works, however sunrise wake-up and other features won't work.

See below for how widespread this issue is:

Lenovo-Smart-Clock-Essentials-not-playing-music-alarms - English Community - LENOVO COMMUNITY

Lenovo is saying this is a google issue.


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi glen1977,


We understand your problem is isolated to your Lenovo device. Please note that we have very limited support on third party devices with built-in Google Assistant like Lenovo. This might be an integration concern since it’s Lenovo who integrated the Google Assistant onto their devices. Best to report this with Lenovo support for better assistance. 


If you need help with your Google Home/Nest devices, please do not hesitate to reply as I'll be locking this thread after 24 hours.


Kind regards,