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Google Assistant transfer command new problem

Community Member

I have been using the 'Transfer' command to move the radio station I am listening to from one Google mini to another and it worked fine until a couple of days ago. But since then when I say (or activate via a routine') on say my bedroom speaker 'Transfer to Office speaker', Google then responds 'Ok I'll play it on BEDROOM speaker' and it stays where it is. Prior to a couple of days ago this worked Ok and the radio station would move to my Office speaker Ok. It works TO the bedroom speaker but will not transfer it to any other speaker or display.


Community Member

Still not fixed, I had hoped a Google Home App update yesterday might have fixed this but it hasn't, nor has a reboot of all my 'smart' devices. Google still insists that whatever device I ask it to transfer to, it will always play it on 'bedroom speaker' instead.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi PeterW,


Thanks for your patience! I am sorry to hear that your Google Assistant is incorrectly transferring your media. That sounds like a very frustrating issue and I understand your concern. I would be more than happy to help find a solution. First, I have some quick questions.

  • Can you confirm that you are using these commands?
  • Are all of your speakers showing up as connected on the Google Home App?
  • Can you try to use the transfer command with different types media? (Spotify, Pandora, YouTube) Does the issue still occur?
  • Could you please tell me what the firmware version is on your devices?

Please keep me updated, I hope we can get this issue resolved soon!

Community Member

Hi Frances

Thank you for getting back to me and sorry for the delay in replying, I had other problems to sort out. Also yesterday it seemed the problem had gone away but today it is back again. While waiting for a solution I constructed a workaround by creating routines that effectively do the transfer by first turning the radio off on the speaker I want to transfer it from and then playing it on the speaker I want to transfer to. But this takes longer and also only works for the station I have specified in the routine.  So I had stopped using the transfer command but on receiving your reply I tried it again yesterday several times and each time it worked successfully transferring the radio to the requested speaker or nest display. But today it is back to always playing it on bedroom speaker no matter what other device I ask it to play on. I also just tried it with Spotify and it does the same. As I am in the UK I don't have Pandoro or a YouTube account). I can confirm I have been using the 'Transfer' command you directed me to. But I didn't know the alternative 'CAST' command and have just tried that and it seems to work Ok but I will need to do more exhaustive tests on that including putting it into a routine to see if that is a workable solution,

Finally here are the firmware versions I have:-

Bedroom speaker 264660
Office speaker 264660

Kitchen Display 1.20210119.2.1390079

I'll do further tests on using 'Cast to' instead of 'Transfer' including putting that into routines that also failed when executing the 'transfer command' and report back but as I am going away for a  few days not until sometime next week

Many thanks again for your help