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Google Home Max Stereo Pair Cast Issues

Community Member

My Nest Hub accepts Bluetooth signal from my desktop and plays music. Until recently, I was able to cast from the Hub to an All Speakers group which includes a paired stereo set of Max speakers. This was a stable arrangement that was very reliable for the last year.  The All Speakers group functions normally when I ask Google to stream from YouTube. When I try to cast to all speakers I get nothing except on the Hub even though I select All Speakers on the Hub screen. I'm playing from Groove Music on my PC desktop and via Bluetooth connection to the Hub. This much still works reliably; it's just the casting from the Hub to the Max stereo pair and another speaker in the group that stopped working.

I am able to play music directly from my iPhone to the Max stereo pair via Bluetooth.


Community Member

I have had issues over the last few weeks with my stereo paired Google home Max’s staying paired and then getting them working again is a time consuming process. These were stable until a just a few weeks ago. 

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello @theitman451 and @JimC

Thanks for your patience at this time. I am sorry to hear that your speaker groups feature is not working. That is definitely a frustrating issue. I would be more than happy to help look into this situation. First, I have some quick questions. 

  • Are the speaker groups showing up on the Google Home App?
  • Are the devices showing up as connected on the Google Home App?
  • Just confirming, does only one device work in the speaker group? Or do none of them play music?
  • Can you try deleting and creating a new speaker group?
  • Can you try to reboot your router and devices?

Please let me know if these steps help or not. Let's get this issue resolved!