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Google Nest Groups do not work and even breaks my network when used

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I have a full google home. Google Nest Wifi router with 3 nest AP/ Speakers, about 12 Google Speaker minis gen 2s, one Hub gen 3, 4 Lenovo google smart clocks. Reboots of each device and the wifi system and my cable modem has yet to help. I get 500 meg down. 

These worked for years as I added devices. However this past year, anytime I use a group to play music it is, well, unsuable. The audio lags, stops, restarts, pops on some speakers, stops all together. And today wile trying to play music, I noticed it even stops the wifi from working at all. devices lose connection to the internet. My work laptop I was using lost connection. I am at a point where I am thinking of giving up on this.  

I can cast music to a speaker. I can cast music to a speaker pair. Works with almost no issue. But just about any group causes the music to fail. and today while tried my all speaker group, it not only cuts in and out, it make the whole wifi network cut in and out. 

Would like help resolving this, if I cant, ill just start selling my devices, network and Ill out and look for a more reliable speaker system like Sonos with a better mesh network. I really dont want to do that.

I saw @JZulkeski had posted an similar problem and was wondering if they got a solution. 


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Hi  @UserNumber5 ,

don't you have any problem with your pair of Speakers? I'm getting constantly this error message  "I can't connect to the other speaker in this pair. Make sure it's connected to power and wifi." when i try to cast something to the speaker pairs. Both of my speakers are connected to WIFI and the right speaker appears separately in Google Home App as if there wasn't any pair at all,

Best Regards,

Yes. I have the same issue. The speaker pair comes and goes. And I want to say the right one shows up too. There is clearly something wrong with the speaker controls. I don't think they do real world testing. Just lab test with perfect internet and networking. I am just disappointed.

 It's probably related to the case Google lost against SONOS and they don't want to pay SONOS and we are paying this

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I contacted Google support and they seem flabbergasted as if they've never heard of this issue before. Though a quick Google search confined I don't know if hundreds of entries but quite a few entries of people having the same exact problem I'm having. And all the super users or whatever on all those forums keep trying to blame the individual's network. I have fast internet and have no problem streaming music from multiple devices on multiple Google speakers throughout the house as long as I only do one speaker at a time all over I've tried playing multiple songs on different speakers then I can do that but when I try to use the groups it'll just stutter cause issues and cause my network to just pause and and break I'm about to try changing from the Google home network and to attempt to see if the speakers are the problem or my network is a problem because my network is the Google nest network. Which ironically have built-in speakers that have issues too That's probably why it breaks my network is the speakers or losing their mind and they're also my APs.