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Google Nest Home - registers hotword but nothing else?

Community Member

Hi all,


Hopefully some if you can help me cause I am desperate. We had a power outage last week, obviously this rebooted everything when the power went out.


The hub needed to be reset, which was seamless. However, unfortunately it had broken and I am unable to fix it. So setting up went okay, no settings changed however, the device now only recognises the hot word (The 4 bars shows moving in the top left corner) but when you state the command, its does not register and states the error message "hmm try again later" or something of the ilk.


What's especially strange is, after rooboting/restarting it will work 1 to 2 times. But after that it stops, so that's unusual as hell. I've attempted all troubleshooting methods available to me, to no avail. Phone and device serm up to date, rebooted, factory reset, on and off, checked mic, reviewed settings in G home but nada. 


As you know, the device can be quite useless without touch free functions. We are so close to returning it. Anyone with advice, please help 🙏🏽


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi PhilJMH,

I’m sorry to hear about the trouble you’re experiencing with your Google Nest Hub 2nd gen device. Let’s further look into it. A few questions: are you using a dual-band router? If yes, on which band is your Google Nest Hub 2nd gen connected? What is its distance from your router? Do you have another phone or tablet aside from the one you used for the setup?


Community Member

Hi Alex_S,


Thank for your help!

So router wise, we use the router that comes with Toob ( so honestly unsure if it is on a band.


There is about 8 metres, in a open plan downstairs (no wall obstructions).


I stress that before the power cut, we have no issues with the device connectivity wise. We have also attempted to move the home nearer to the router, and it didn't help. It's up and down.


Thanks for any future advice 🙂


I have no tablet but my partner has a google pixel phone, same as me. Could I use there's?

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi there,

Thanks for the information provided. Let’s check if connecting your Google Nest Hub 2nd gen to a temporary Hotspot does the same behavior:


  • In order to complete the setup for your Google Nest Hub 2nd gen  with the use of a mobile hotspot, you need to have two setup devices.
    • The first phone will behave as the router. Turn on its data and hotspot.
    • The second device is the setup device. Connect it to the hotspot connection.
  • Factory reset your Google Nest Hub 2nd gen once more.
  • Using the second setup device, open the Google Home app > Follow the set-up instructions > Choose the Hotspot network on the “Connect to WiFi” page.


If Google Nest Hub 2nd gen responds to your commands while connected to the hotspot, the issue is likely with its connectivity to the router—a force update on the settings might happen after the power cut. To further isolate it, continue to the next steps:


  • While connected to the Hotspot, open the Google Home app > Devices > Tap on Google Nest Hub 2nd gen > Settings > Device information > WiFi > Forget WiFi.
  • Connect the setup device to your home WiFi > Do the setup steps again and try connecting to your home WiFi.


Let me know how it goes.