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Google Nest Hub Max

Community Member

I cannot connect the camera to wifi.  It’s all in there but will not connect.  I have rebooted I have unplugged I have deleted and same thing.  I have two outside security cameras from Nest that works perfectly 


Community Member

I have spent the last 2 wks dealing with this same issue:

I have called at least 10x- they told me they need a senior specialist to help with this- I tried everything including wiping the device: It seems there is often a MIGRATION problem , and it may also be set to "another account" if  Mine is 5 months old and underwarrenty and they told me they can send me a "refurbished unit" with no power device and that might help??!!!  BTW The help center is outsouced to the Philipines , they are nice but they won't be able to help or replace anything.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey all, 
Thank you for your patience with us! We've created a case for your issue to send to our support team. Be on the lookout for an email from us in your inbox soon!