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Google home suddenly doesn’t stream radio stations. I have rebooted numerous times, but not fixed

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My Google home suddenly isn’t detecting/streaming any radio stations - rebooting doesn’t help.

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This is a known issue for multiple radio stations, platforms, etc.  In fact none of the "I Heart Radio" stations work either.

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I am having exactly the same problem!  Won't play Sirius XM, won't play iTunes or iHeart, nothing!  Worked fine for 3 months until yesterday.

Silver Product Expert
Silver Product Expert

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Same here, as of 04/11/23 iHeart Radio and all their wonderful radio channels that I have listened to for the last several years on my Google Home system with Nest speakers no longer works.  For that matter the same with Sirius XM channels, and some Spotify Channels too.

Now the response that Google Assistant returns when you ask to stream your music, and/or radio channels is the same ridiculous.....  "I looked for (insert your music or channel name) and it either isn't available or can't be played right now". 

Does anybody at Google know if this problem will get elevated to the point of someone or some team actually fixing this issue, or will the overall quality and experience of using the "Google Home System with Nest" just continue to degrade get worse and worse?   (Seems to be the trend from Google starting with the volume control issue for Nest Speakers that Google never provided a work-around for that originated back in Dec of 2021 and continues to this day)

I am having the same problems 

I have no problem playing radio stations with non-google apps, so it's a world-wide google app problem.