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Google speakers casting to phone without permission

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Recently when I play music on my Google Nest Mini, it's been casting to my phone's YouTube Music app without permission.

I work from home and I like listening to lo-fi while I work, so I've got my Google Home Workday routine set up to start playing lo-fi on my office speaker at a specific time. Recently, when this happens, it's also been causing my phone's YouTube Music app to inexplicably connect to my Google Nest Mini and start playing the lo-fi on there as well. This happens regardless of whether the YouTube Music app is actually open on my phone at the time.

If I already have other music playing on my phone it will override my phone's music with the lo-fi. If I try to switch my phone back to the music it was playing before, it starts playing that music on my Google Nest Mini instead. If I disconnect my phone's YouTube Music app from my speaker, the lo-fi will continue playing on my phone and stop playing on my speaker rather than the other way around. After I disconnect my phone from the speaker I can switch my phone back to the music it was playing and verbally tell the Google Nest Mini to play lo-fi and then they'll each play their own music separately as expected for a time, but if I pause the music on my phone then the Google Nest Mini will start casting to it and override my music again.

The only way I've found to prevent my Google Nest Mini from casting to my phone when the Nest starts playing music either from a routine or a verbal command is to disconnect my phone from my WiFi, but 1) having my phone disconnected from WiFi every day that I work would use up a ton of data and 2) even then, my phone's music still gets overridden—the only difference is that instead of playing the same music as my Google Nest Mini it switches to a blank screen that says "no music playing."

Basically... Expected behavior: My phone should be able to cast music to Google Nest via the YouTube Music app if I manually select to do so while connected to the same WiFi, but Google Nest should NOT be able to cast to my phone and override whatever music I have playing on there without permission. That's like if I started watching a YouTube video on Roku and my TV opened the YouTube app on my phone to start playing the same video there.

This has caused three issues for me:

1) When Google Nest overrides the music in my phone's YouTube Music app, it deletes the queue I have there. This is annoying if I've manually set up the queue myself or if I had songs I was looking forward to listening to queued up next.

2) It prevents my phone's music from playing through Bluetooth speakers as expected. I have a separate routine set up to start playing YouTube Music on my phone when I connect to my car's Bluetooth radio so I can listen to music while I drive, but if my phone is connected to my Google Nest without my permission or knowledge, the music will start playing through my Google Nest instead and my car's speaker will remain silent even though I've successfully connected to Bluetooth. I have to go in and manually disconnect my phone from my Google Nest to get it to start playing through my car's Bluetooth speaker, which completely defeats the purpose of automating a routine.

3) This is the most annoying. Because the Google Nest keeps playing music on my personal YouTube Music app, YouTube Music now apparently thinks lo-fi is my favorite music and won't stop playing it during my regular music listening time. Previously, since the lo-fi music was only playing on Google Nest, it didn't affect my YouTube Music algorithm. Now, the "My Mix 1" playlist in my YouTube Music is exclusively lo-fi and "My Supermix" frequently plays lo-fi as well, no matter how many times I skip the songs or remove them from my queue. Even if I pick a song/artist/etc and let it autoplay, it eventually starts autoplaying lo-fi. My recaps are also entirely lo-fi now which makes them useless bc they don't show any of the music I actually enjoy listening to. My YouTube Music app is essentially becoming a white noise machine against my will.

Is there any way I can get this to stop and get my YouTube Music back to the way it was, where I could actually trust my auto-generated playlists and the autoplay feature to show me music I would enjoy listening to while driving, listening to my favorite bands, etc? YouTube Music used to be my preferred way of finding new songs to listen to but now it won't stop spamming me with lo-fi while I'm not working. I like listening to lo-fi as white noise while I'm working, but if I'm driving or just hanging out off work and listening to music I want to hear the bands/artists/etc I enjoy, NOT white noise. I don't have any other music streaming service.


Community Member

This has been happening to me for weeks and I went to search for a solution and happened to find your post here from mere hours ago. Glad to hear I'm not the only one being driven nuts by this. The issue manifests the exact same way you're saying, and I have that same issue that once it connects to my phone's YTM app, I can't stop casting without stopping the music which is disruptive to the person who's actually listening to it. I can only assume this is either a software bug or somehow one of the devs thought we'd find this useful without realizing how much of an issue it can cause if you have multiple casted streams of music going on in your house at once.

Hopefully a fix gets pushed for it soon.