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Home Mini and Hub speakers broadcasting SSID

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Do we know why Google hub and mini speakers automatically advertises their own SSID even though they are connected as a client to the WiFi Access Point ? Each of the speakers is seen as an interfering AP in the RF channel. I have 4 speakers in the house and RF channel utilization periodically goes very high about close to 70%.

In my AP settings, I am using dual band AP with band steering enabled. For 5Ghz Radio, the channel width is 40 Mhz and channel 36 is auto selected at the time of AP boot. Google devices are connected in channel 36 to the AP on 5Ghz Radio.

Is it possible to disable the SSID advertisement by the google speaker devices ?



Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

Once connected they shouldn't broadcast unless there is a connection fault.  You said you have band steering on, that has been known to cause issues with connections, can you try trying that off and seeing what happens ? 

Thanks, once the connection is stable these devices stops advertising the ssid


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Community Specialist

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