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Is Google prioritising AdWords over routine names?

Community Member

The status quo:

For years I've used a routine called Mode 1. It sets lights and devices to state which is typical for when I'm in my office. Each time assistant hears the prompt incorrectly I'll take that misheard prompt and add it to the triggers for this routine. It triggers very robustly and has done so for a long time.

The problem:

Recently, when attempting to trigger Mode 1, assistant started giving me information about a male relationship advice book from 2006 called Mode One (I already had both Mode 1 and Mode One as triggers). It would do this consistently and unavoidably until I used a different trigger prompt.

After a few weeks, my original trigger started working again as expected.

Weeks later again assistant went back to triggering info about the odious book.

My theory:

The seller of this book on at least 2 occasions has bought advertising with Google, and Google prioritizes Adwords over routine names. When this happens, you get an ad for a product or business interrupting you in your home instead of the thing that you want to happen. It's infuriating. When we put Google devices in our homes, we afford Google a level of access that can too easily be abused. If this prioritization is intentional or if continues after being made aware of the issue, then it crosses a line of trust and acceptable behaviour.

Kind regards,



Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello PancakeLegend,


Thanks for sharing details about the issue. I understand how frustrating it can be when something doesn't work as expected. To confirm, is the name of the routine "Mode 1"? Have you attempted to rename the routine to see if the same behavior occurs? Also, what are the actions included in your routine?


Looking forward to your response.




Hey, thanks for responding.

"Mode One" is a trigger term for a routine. Once again, this routine's normal function has returned. Using a different trigger prevents it from happening, but that won't prevent similar situations from happening again in the future with other terms. I can't wait for someone to buy "bedroom lights" as a search term.

Please let me know if you implement consumer-friendly policies regarding this issue. Nobody should have to tip-toe through a mine-field of advertising to turn on their lights.

Kind regards,


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi Andrew, 


I understand how you feel about this. Since changing the trigger still lets you use the routine created, I would suggest to keep using that. I know that you were used to using the old trigger, however, what we can do for now is to send a feedback referring to this. Feel free to send a feedback using the steps in this article.