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Moved and Mini Won't Connect to New Internet

Community Member

My problem is exactly the same as a person's from two years ago.  

I recently moved and now my Google Mini won't connect to my new WiFi. I've tried the following:

I've read multiple older posts on this subject and can't locate a tried & true solution. 
  • Factory reset the Mini (more than once)
  • Uninstalled/reinstalled the Google Home app on my Android (more than once)
  • Unplugged everything (mini, router) multiple times (more than once)

Serial # 8505LX69G6

While I'm going through the setup, I can hear the proper sounds as though it's connected; however, each time when I get to the end of setup, I get a message that it can't connect to the Wi-Fi. I have also tried to enter the password manually.
I'm beyond frustrated but too stubborn to quit! Any suggestions, please? Thanks in advance!

Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

Sounds like you've already tried some good steps. There are some other things you can try:

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