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Multiple Google devices

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The last Google event I watched they were really pushing this Google environment, having devices for just about everything. A lot of which use Google assistant. I'm all for it. But some simple things seem to be an afterthought. Such as basic settings...

I'm not a programmer or generally tech inclined, which is why I dove headfirst into Google integration in the first place. Pixel 2, 4a, 6, 7, nest hub, mini in every room, wi-fi, pixel watch...thermostat soon, you get the idea.


want to be able to specify which device I want to respond or do the action using Google assistant.  


Example a) I am in my car with my pixel 7 and my watch on. I want my phone to be the priority.

Example b) I am in bed with the Google nest next to me. My phone is in-between myself and the nest. And the watch is on my wrist. I want to set an alarm on my watch (the vibration wake up is more pleasant on my wrist than audio, highly recommend). I want the nest to control my routine.

The sensitivity setting is not an option. As I want them all to be prioritized for different things. I do not want to be fiddling with settings multiple times a day.

This is not a wi-fi or network setting issue. Prioritizing which device on there is not my issue. 

I've also seen responses about broadcasting. This is also not the problem I am experiencing.

Is this an update or something that is coming down the pipeline perhaps? I feel like it should've been setup before launching... 

I want to constantly keep integrating Google products into my life. They work wonderfully, which is why this baffles me.

Please simplify this. 


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi Tav_is,


Thanks for reaching out.


We appreciate all your insights about this and it's a clever idea to have that feature available especially that you're using multiple Google Assistant devices in your home. We hear you and we’d like to encourage you to send a feedback regarding this and for any features that you’re looking forward to using with our Google Nest devices. 


Let us know if you have additional questions, otherwise we'll lock the thread within 24 hours.