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Nest Audio stereo pair keep disconnecting from Wifi

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So I bought a pair of Nest Audio (new generation) and was impressed with audio quality for my setup. All goes well, first configuration, software update, setting up audio pair. Next day I want to play some music, and the speaker categorically refuses to play anything from Spotify (default service). After fiddling with settings and rebooting and everything under the sky, I restarted from scratch erasing configuration from the two units and doing it all again. The units refused to form a stereo pair again - no matter how hard I try. So I gave up.

The next day I started from scratch again - and this time I switched to the Wifi extender I use in the corridor some three meters away. Magic, configuration finalised and the speakers sound beautifully. Two days later, here we are again: speaker not recognised, does not appear in casting devices, if asked to play something with voice only apologies will come. 

If I am an engineer and work with this stuff all the time - and cannot make it work, how in the name of xyz can Google hope regular customers could be happy with this product? I would be glad to hear somebody experience and solutions.


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Yes they do sound great as a stereo pair.  Sounds like the crusade I just went through.  In my case I determined that the two speakers have to be not only on the same WiFi Network but also on the same channel to be paired.   If after pairing , one of them is on a different channel, it will still respond to the assistant, as it is connected to the WiFi, but a cast to the pair, either doesn't work, or only comes out on one speaker.  Google probably sends the stream to one of the pair for it to send to its pair.  My two pairs and the group they participate in have run successfully for the last 5 days, as they have stayed on the same channel and google has released code . 

 You  should also check to see if your speakers are on the preview program, as my Nest Audio firmware is currently even newer than production and the preview version, that Google says should be current for preview. 

  Agreed it is disappointing.  As consumers  we are now adding tons of new smart devices that are just saturating  the WiFi signals in our  and our neighbor's homes.  Imagine all the new smart  indoor/outdoor plugs for Christmas lights, but also all the other Black Friday sale items now being added. 

Hope this helps. 

Thanks for sharing - is there a way to understand, on which channel the units are communicating?


Some routers show it for  connected/attached devices.  If they are on different bands then they are definitely on different channels.  

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