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Nest hub max spinning dots

My hub max has recently gone into a loop where the colored dots on the screen start spinning randomly and I have to reboot it to get it to stop. The odd thing to me is that I can access it through the home app so it's not really frozen, as I can acce...

Murso74 by Community Member
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Speaker grouos

Need a little help with a speaker group situation. I have a Google Home, Nest Hub, and a Nest mini. The only way I can get the speaker group to work is to just have the Home and Hub in it. If I add the Nest Mini, music will only play on the mini (eve...

Google Home Nest Max not connecting to Wifi

I have a Google Home Nest Hub Max for about a year now. It has connected before but I have had to reconnect it to my apartment wifi 3-4 times over that time. The original issue is that it wont cast Youtube from my iphone to the hub. It has in the pas...

Regikirk by Community Member
  • 8 replies
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Spotify on Google Home Mini Draining Phone Battery

   Google Home Mini iPhone 12 Pro running iOS 15.1I link Spotify on my phone with my Google Home Mini to cast music and control through my app. Recently Spotify has been running in the background when music is playing on my Home Mini, even after clos...

KevDo by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Setting timer to turn off music in good morning routine?

Is it possible to set a timer to automatically turn off music once it starts? The radio station turns on okay after the alarm is dismissed but I can't find a way to turn it off. Timers only seem to work with smart lights. I don't won't to say hey goo...

kwhardt by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Google mini anwers me in English and French

Hi,When I say OK GOOGLE BONJOUR, to Google mini speaker, Google gives me the weather in English but the news in French. When my wife says OK GOOGLE BONJOUR, she gets the weather and the news in French. How can I set this routine in French only. Note ...

YvesB by Community Member
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