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Nest HUB photo frame switchs from google photos to art gallery after a while

Community Member



I'm trying to set the photo frame for my mom and it's always switching back to gallery art.

Easy way to reproduce the issue from factory default:

- Create a google account, go in google photo, create only 1 ablum with only 1 portrait photo

- Using google home, Setup your factory default Nets Hub Max in a very basic way, skiping all recognition features such as voice match, face match, ultrasound recognision, do not enable the camera, disable personal results

- Using google home, set up your photo frame on google photo, pick your only album

- other settings in photo frame :

banner notif = hidden

weather = hidden

air quality = hidden

time = show 

personal photo data = hidden

google photo portait pictures = show

photo selection = live album

diaporama speed = 30s 

weather frog = disable


You should encounter the issue quite quickly.

Can you please try to help me on this issue?


linking @Azarco because you've recently locked a similar thread with people not responding to your questions 😉


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Can someone address this bug, or tell me where is the best place to report this in order to have it fixed please ?

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey Tmi,


Sorry to hear you are having trouble with Photo Frame switching on you. I wanted to jump in, and see if I could be of any help. I did find an article that has more details on what you may be running into. Please let me know if that helps, or if you have any questions from here.


Best regards,


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Hello Jake,

Thank you for your assistance. I've seen this article and it's not helping to fix the bug. The bug will still occur if you follow your article and pick a single album with a single photo in Google Photos for your photo frame.

Would you be able to raise this bug to a technical team or redirect me to some kind of bug report page maybe?

Have a nice day.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi Tmi,


Thanks for responding. I appreciate all the details you've shared and we'd be happy to take a look into this for you. Please fill up this form with all the needed information then let me know once done.




Community Member

Hello Princesss,

Thanks for your suggestion.  It's done 🙂

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey Tmi,


We received your form — thanks for filling it out. Our team will reach out to you via email to further assist you. Also, please be advised that this thread will be locked after 24 hrs.


Kind regards,