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Nest Hub Max / Google Workspace Business Starter / Cannot make video calls

Community Member

I am the admin of our family’s workspace. The subscription is a “Google Workspace Business Starter – free edition”.

Status is “ON for everyone” for most services, including Calendar and Google meet.

Despite that, we cannot use our Nest Hub Max (there are two) for video calls. Can you please guide me through setting things up so that we can use the Nest Hub Max devices for one-to-one video calls?

Many thanks



Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi ClosedCircuit,


Thanks for posting in the Community.


Some Google Home app features are not available for Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) accounts. To access all Google Home app features available in your country, link a personal Gmail account instead.


If you are the Google Workspace Super Administrator, follow these steps:

  1. To turn on or off the service for select groups of users, put their accounts in an organizational unit.
  2. Log into your administrator account. This will open the Google Admin console.
  3. From the Admin console dashboard, go to Apps Additional Google services.
  4. Click Web & app activity to open its settings page.

At the top right of the gray box, click Edit Service "".

(Optional) To turn a service on or off for an organizational unit:

  1. At the left, select the organizational unit.
  2. To change the Service status, select On or Off.
  3. Choose one:
    • If the Service status is set to Inherited and you want to keep the updated setting, even if the parent setting changes, click Override.
    • If the Service status is set to Overridden, either click Inherit to revert to the same setting as its parent, or click Save to keep the new setting, even if the parent setting changes.
      Note: Learn more about organizational structure.
  4. Click Apply.

Hope this helps.