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Nest Hub Max - home screen customization

Community Member

Just got my nest hub installed and I'm trying to figure out how to customize the home screen and other tabs.

At the moment i got all kind of useless cards and would like to see my calendar, news, smart device etc..

Also Is there a way to have a direct link to some app like the web browser, youtube, Spotify etc?

That would be realllly useful since those apps are already built in.





There is very limited customization. You can connect it to Google photo album and have a clock display. It is really a voice assistant with a display, it's not a tablet with a voice assistant. Send a feedback request in the home app or "hey Google send feedback" at the hub to make a feature request.

Community Member

Thanks for your reply.

I feel the nest hub have much more potential then this. And their ads and marketing made think it was more then just an assistant with a display. I will for sure send feedback to have more feature and software update.


Community Member

Just in case anybody have similar issues, I did find a good work around to have "direct" link to web browser and youtube.

I created a simple custom Routine using the home app that simply opens on the hub max.

I can say, Hey google open web browser. Or access the routine tab on the hub max. Also got one for youtube and favorite cooking website.

It works quite well, just thought I'd share this method!