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Nest Hub alarm force me to disable by walking to the Nest and pressing a button on the screen

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Hi, I have chronic sleep problems, I am wondering if the Nest Hub can solve my problem. I want to get the Nest Hub and a Nest Mini, put the Nest Hub in my kitchen and the Nest Mini in my bedroom.

Then I want to set an alarm on the Nests, so that they wake me up in the morning. Then I want to remove the ability for me to turn off the alarm by voice. Google needs to IGNORE all commands saying "sleep" "snooze" etc. I want to set it up so that the only way for me to disable the alarm on my Nest Mini would be by walking into the kitchen and pressing a button on the Nest Hub screen.

Disabling the microphone is not good enough because that means I can simply re-enable the microphone on the Mini in my bedroom and say "snooze", then go right back to sleep. That doesn't force me to walk all the way into the kitchen and press the button on the screen.

Is this possible? I have been searching google for answers and finding conflicting answers. Can't find a straight answer anywhere. Don't want to spend $300 on the devices just to test it out, so hoping somebody can answer me here.



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Community Specialist

Hi deadbeef,


I understand that this would be a helpful feature, however this option is not available. In line with this, we want to encourage you to send feedback from your end and we’re hoping for all the possibilities by taking our user’s feedback and suggestions.


Let us know if you have additional questions, otherwise we'll be locking the thread in 24 hours.