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Nest Hub screen should sleep and continue playing audio

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All dedicated baby monitors allow viewing a camera and listening to the audio of that camera; they also have the option to turn off the video but continue listening to the audio.  Providing this functionality in the NestHub paired with a Nest indoor cam will allow these to function as baby monitors.  Currently we can watch a Nest cam on the NestHub but cannot turn off the screen or allow it to "sleep" while still hearing the audio.  Providing this functionality via options would allow us to get rid of baby monitors.


I have also read other requests about allowing the screen to sleep but being able to continue listening to audio like music/podcasts.  The screen, even at its dimmest, is too bright to have on throughout the night.


Im not looking for sleep tracking.  Im requesting a feature where the screen goes dark after N minutes but continues playing the audio of whatever function you were using on the nest hub; most importantly the audio of a nestcam.  This will allow the nest hub to act as a baby monitor

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Community Specialist

Hi folks.


Thanks for the help, @RachelGomez123.


@mgildea11, thanks for posting. I totally understand that this is a good feature to use with your Nest Hub, but, this feature is not yet available. I'd suggest you submit feedback about it, here's how


Let us know if you have other questions and concerns otherwise, we will be locking this thread after 24 hours.