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Nest Mini won't connect to WiFi

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Hello all,

I saw that there was indeed a thread about this issue, but it appears the solution was provided via email.

I have a Nest Mini that is having issues connecting to my new Wi-Fi (we've moved). Here are the facts.

1. I take my mini to my parent's house and it works flawlessly.

2. I've rebooted the mini (several times)

3. I've rebooted my phone, closed and restarted the Home app, and have reinstalled the Home app.

4. I've tried connecting to the Nest's Wi-Fi then completing setup in the Home App to try to force link it to the home Wi-Fi

5. I've tried 3 different phones (all of which has worked with it previously).

6. I've moved it around in different places in the apartment in case it was a distance issue from the router.


I'm stuck, and I use this for noise for my baby so we all can sleep at night.

Any solutions provided are greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

A very sleep deprived parent


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I am also having an issue since our internet service provider updated our router. I know that I have the correct wifi and password but when I try to connect to the Nest Mini I get  "connection problem during setup. [Nest Mini] could not connect to [WiFi network] - please check your password".


I saw on another thread that a factory reset helped that user but after doing a factory reset on the Nest Mini I am getting the same message. It is connecting to my mobile device on the Google Home app (connected sound confirmed) but I cannot get the wifi to connect.

Mine also connects to the phone, but not to Wifi.

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I have the same problem.

Everything was fine before I moved.

Having moved I can't get the nest mini 2 to complete the setup. I've factory reset and restarted in all the combination and no progress.

I can't make mine work either. Doesn't look like much help here.

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any update on this issue?
mine having some problem too.

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Having the same issue. I didn't move though. I just switched phones and accidentally deleted speaker off my app. It's been a year...😑

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My Issue fixed.


Step to reproduce:

  • Reset Nest.
  • Make sure nest speak to install google home
  • Pair google nest with iPhone (im use iPhone XR)
  • Done

I dont know why when i pair with my phone (Samsung S20 FE & Xiaomi Blackshark 4) always stuck on setup pairing WiFi, then i try to setup with my iphone and its work

Hopefuly it will help u guys.


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Same issue

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Same here

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And me with 2 mini nests.

New router, 1 mini nest connects, 1 mini nest doesn't

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Community Specialist

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