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Nest hub 2nd, voice recognition not working at all. It started on august 8th.

Community Member

My nest hub 2nd stopped working on voice commands.


If I say "hey google" then left upper 4 dots starts moving, and say "turn on music" then 4 dots moving as if device listens my voice, but not displaying my words, recognizing my words. and about 2 seconds later, device stops listening my voice. It goes back to before "hey google".

Before Aug 8th(approx..) I say "hey google, turn on music" then device displays "turn on music" and It turned on music. 


I tried another router and factory reset for several * several times but not working for now. 

I need help. please.


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi chutdongb,

I know how it feels when something isn’t working the way it should. Let’s further look into it. I want to confirm if the issue only happens whenever you ask your Google Nest Hub 2nd gen to play music or to all commands. How about if another member in your home gives the command, or if you speak closer to your Google Nest Hub 2nd gen?