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Nest mini and hub don't provide weather / time when given command

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My 2 nest minis and my nest hub no longer respond correctly to the the voice command when I ask for weather or time. Same problem with my android phone. I have rebooted my router factory reset devices and reinstalled. I have also uninstalled and reInstalled the Home and Assistant apps.  I can see from forums that this issue has been raised on a couple of occasions over the last 2 years but the resolution has not been posted. Grateful for any help. 




If they are not responding  correctly, what do they do instead?

They just respond with this for the weather:


 and this for time:



That almost seems like Google Assistant no longer knows your location.

Assistant knows my location. When I ask "Where am I" the devices respond with my current location whic is my home address. 

Community Member

Doesn't  work if you connect to a hotspot.

Works if you ask: " What is the weather ,,,,," and you use the postcode. 

Just doesn't work when you just say "What's the forecast for today" or ~"What the weather like today" or the time. 

Deleted my home address reset everything including changing the name (SSID) and password for my WI-FI network network. Still no luck. It affects all devices even our phones and tablets when we are in the house.  Even if we disable Wi-Fi on our phones and use mobile network at home it doesn't work. It works everywhere else on our phones works using Android Auto in the car. Just something to do with our location at home