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Nest speaker start up volume

Community Member

Is there any way of reducing the start up volume on a Nest Audio speaker? I want to change it from 40 to 30.


Silver Product Expert
Silver Product Expert

Hi @Zinc132 

Easiest way I have found is to use a routine to start listening. I tend to either play the radio or Spotify, so for instance when I want to use Spotify I have created a routine called 'Spotify' with a startup command of 'Spotify' a single action of 'Resume Spotify' and an adjust media action to whatever volume you want. Then when I want to use Spotify I just say 'Hey google spotify' and that's it. I've created another similar routine to turn on the radio. I found this useful since recently I've found the volume for playing Spotify needs to be lower than playing the radio.


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi Zinc132,


Have you tried the steps above by creating a routine for it? If so, how was it? If what you meant by the startup volume is when your Nest Audio makes a sound when responding to you or when it’s plugged in or bring back from mute status, then try to disable it:


  1. Open the Google Home app and tap your speaker.
  2. Tap the cog icon in the upper-right corner.
  3. Under Device features, tap Accessibility.
  4. Select the sounds you want your speaker to play when it starts or stops listening to you.
  5. The process is specific to the speaker you selected, meaning you must do it again for each speaker that needs to play these sounds.

Thanks for helping, Kadven.



Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello everyone, 

I appreciate the assistance, Dan.

@Zinc132, I want to ensure you're all good now. Please reply to this thread if you still need assistance so we can help deal with your issue.


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey Zinc132, 

We haven't heard from you in a while, so we'll be locking this thread if there's still no update within 24 hours. If you have any new issues, updates or just a discussion topic, feel free to start a new thread.