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Netflix not working properly on Nest Wifi

Community Member

I do not know why i am suddenly having this issue but essentially. I have been using Netflix and it has been fine but as of 3 days ago, all of a sudden there is content missing on my netflix when any device is connected to google wifi. 

I can tell this is an issue with the wifi because using mobile data brings back the content as it was before. Netflix says that this is likely to be an issue with my ISP who have a vpn on or either if i use wifi extenders, which in this case would be google mesh system, the mesh system is changing my ip address and so netflix is getting confused and not giving me all the content. I contacted Virgin and they do not have any idea and they cannot see any vpns or any changes made to the ip address. 

I can only assume its the google wifi. Not really sure what else to do, have factory reset it all and still having the same issues. Any help would be appreciated as i have no idea why this has only suddenly just started happening.


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello Juned,

Thanks for posting — let's get this sorted out. Have you tried to connect a device directly to your Virgin modem and then check the contents on Netflix? If not yet, give it a try. You can plug a PC or laptop to the modem using an ethernet cable, then log in your Netflix account.


Community Member

This problem recently surfaced for me on Netflix. When I direct connect my Roku via Ethernet, Netflix works fine. However via WiFi on my iPad, an Android tablet, or an Android phone, Netflix is erratic. Either content will not load, or there is constant buffering. When I use mobile data instead of WiFi, everything works fine. I am using the Nest mesh WiFi system with one satellite pod. Connection speed is 250 Mbps via fiber optic. All other streaming services work fine. Problem is only with Netflix.