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Next appointment not found

Community Member

Hi Team

I added all my appointments to google calender. I most often have appointments which I plan for the whole day.

For example I have an appointment (whole day event) on Monday. And an appointment on Friday from 15-16 o clock.

When I ask my Google Nest for the next appointment I have on Saturday he tells me that the next appointment I have is on Friday 15-16 o clock. When I ask specifically for appointments on Monday he tells me that I have a whole-day-appointment on Monday. So I am sure that I set up Google Calender correctly and Google Nest can find it when I specifically ask for it. But why doesnt it tell me the whole-day-events when I ask for the next appointment?

When I ask for all appointments for the next week it also tells me the whole-day-appointment from Monday.
I find it really strange...


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi @Mecki,


Thanks for reaching out. That is definitely an odd issue, having your device not tell you the correct appointment and calendar information. I understand your concern and would be more than happy to help find a solution. 


First, can you confirm, is this issue still occurring?


If it is, could you please file feedback regarding this issue with the 'include personal information' box checked? This will allow our team to look into this issue more in-depth.


I appreciate your help and patience!