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No sound coming out of the device

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I have 2 devices at home. A nest mini and nest audio. The mini is working properly, the second device is the problematic one. The device can hear me properly, all settings looks OK but... no sound at all : no bip after saying  "hey google", no music, no reply , nothing.

The sound is up to 100% in google home app, I see that the device is playing music but no sound at all on the device....

Please help me !





Did you try a simple reboot, either by unplugging the device for a short while, or by rebooting it from within the Google Home app?  Sometimes that resolves issues.


Yes I tried many times to unplug, I reset the factory settings also but still nothing. It is so frustrating to see the the device can hear but is not broadcasting at all...


Last year, this customer tried a "hard reset" to resolve a similar problem:

Thanks for sharing. I've reboot the device 16 times and still nothing. Even when trying to do the configuration on Google home, the app is asking me of I hear sound but nothing 😞 


I don't have any further suggestions except to contact Support, using the link and instructions in this post in this forum:

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Community Specialist

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the help here, MpIsCustomer.


Xavi1, were you able to contact our support team? If not, I wanted to confirm if you are getting a Google Assistant confirmation when doing a reset, or are you seeing any LEDs on the Google Nest Audio device?