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Problems with resuming audio after pausing

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While listening to audio (the news, music, etc.) on my google home speakers (I have four, almost always functioning as a speaker group), I quite often need to pause the audio (with the voice command “hey google, pause”) and then I want to pick up where I left off again at some point (with the voice command “hey google, unpause” or “hey google, resume”).


If I do this within a very short time, it usually works fine, but if it has been more than a few minutes, it often fails. It used to be that it just said “nothing is playing right now”, which I thought was annoying enough—shouldn’t it be easy to remember what it was last playing, regardless of how long it has been? This is especially problematic when it is a podcast because now your place is lost. But more recently, the behavior has changed and now when I ask it to “unpause” or “resume” it just starts over (i.e., from the start) with some audio I had previously requested, but often not even the most recent audio I had been listening to. I think it may be remembering the last audio I had requested by voice, but it often doesn’t remember where it left off and it doesn’t remember anything else I may have more recently initiated by another method (e.g., from the Spotify app).


I kept assuming this would get fixed because it seems like such an obvious use case, but I didn’t find a similar issue reported here, and meanwhile the functionality is only getting worse, if anything.


A related problem is that I used to be able to say “hey google, play some music” to get some random music to play (based on my tastes that I set up with Google Play Music or Spotify, etc.) but now it just restarts the last thing I had requested by voice, meaning that I’m stuck with that until I specifically ask for something different. If I wanted the google home to restart some previously requested music (e.g., a specific song, album, playlist, etc.), I would just request that music again with “hey google, play X”. I can’t imagine why asking it to “play some music” should imply that I wanted to specifically hear X again.