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Removing Access Lenovo smart clock 2

Community Member

Hello , I recently discovered during a security check of my google account . That a product ( Lenovo Smart 2 ) that I returned to the store quite awhile ago , shows full access to my google account … In the google home app it shows offline and unable to access settings … However when I go to remove full access or any access for that matter in the google account . It warns me that , removing access “ Might delete your google nest home along with all its devices “ 

my question is “ It seems more of a risk that a product I returned to the store still has full access to my google account ..Should I remove access anyway to eliminate the risk.  Can I get some suggestions please … 


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi PaulAnthony3690,


Sorry to hear about your concern. If these were Nest speakers that are already unavailable, removing it from the account is recommended; however, Lenovo Smart Clock 2 is out of our scope. We only handle Nest devices. Since this involves the Google Account and Lenovo Smart Clock 2, it would be best to have a talk with them directly to get more information on what to do next.


Note: Once a device is unavailable, you cannot access its settings via the Google Home app.


If you have Google Nest devices and would like assistance about it, let us know otherwise, I'll be locking this thread after 24 hours.